Our Vision

To build up a prosperous community through qualitative service

Our Mission

To provide services based on state policies, co-ordinate resources and promote public life-style through an efficient, well planned sustainable and participatory development process.

Welivitiya-Divitura Divisional Secretariat is located in a rural area, in Galle district of Southern  Province in Sri Lanka.
It was found on 19th July in 1998. Before that it was a part of Karandeniya Divisional Secretariat in Galle District. It has twenty Grama Niladhari Divisions, the lowest unit in the administrative structure of the country. These twenty Grama Niladhari Divisions were formed from six Grama Niladhari Divisions namely, Ethkandura ,Divitura, Polgahawila, Agaliya, Patha-Welivitiya and Ampegama.
Welivitiya-Divitura Divisional Secretariat is situated in the ………..section of the district bordering Karandeniya & Elpitiya Divisional Secretariat in North, Nagoda Divisional Secretariat in East, Baddegama Divisional Secretariat in South and Ambalangoda Divisional Secretariat in West. It has 5509 hectares of land and amounts to 3.3% of total land area in the district.

From the bigining ten Divisional secretariats have been working in this division as follows,


Name From To
Mr. J.Jayaneththi 1998.07.16 2000.05.03
Mr. W.Weerakoon 2000.05.04 2000.12.20
Mr. U.D. Jayalal 2000.12.21 2001.03.02
Mr. Volter Nanaykkara 2001.03.03 2001.03.04
Mr. J.Wanniarachchi 2001.03.04 2002.12.03
Mr. H.Jayawikrama 2002.12.04 2007.09.01
Mr. R.C.Soysa 2007.09.02 2007.10.03
Mr. D.B.Wikramasinghe 2007.10.04 2008.11.10
Mrs. H.K.T. de Silva 2008.11.11 2009.02.18
Mrs. D. Kusalani de Silva 2009.02.19 2014.08.27
Mrs. Tharanga Wikramarathna


Mrs. A.M.A.U. Kariyawasam 2015.05.11 2018.12.13
Mrs. Nilimi A. Gamage 2018.12.14 Up to date

News & Events

Anti narcotic Programm " Bakmaha Diwruma"

Anti narcotic Programm " Bakmaha Diwruma"

මත්ද්‍රව්‍ය නිවාරණ ජාතික වැඩසටහන වෙනුවෙන් සිදු කෙරෙන...

Public Day- Welivitiya Divithura

Public Day- Welivitiya Divithura

අභ්‍යන්තර කටයුතු හා ස්වදේශ කටයුතු සහ පළාත්...

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